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Visionary Skills 3

4-part Course in Visionary Action – the Deep Application of Visionary Skills / 4 mp3s & 5 PDFs / Recommended prerequisites: Visionary Skills 1 & 2

• Blossom your new visionary skills into visionary action by ‘thinking’ experientially.

• Know how to expand your idea of the world and what’s possible for you.

• Release yourself from strategic limits and open yourself to unlimited thriving.

The Yaqui Masters of Central Mexico will tell you that unless you are using visionary skills to really ‘see’ the world, your world is going to look pretty much the same every time you look at it. Without visionary skills, it’s difficult, if not impossible, for us to see the new abundance that the world is bringing forth every day. It’s difficult to allow pathways for growth and change to emerge in our awareness. To experience any level of success, we so often feel that we have to fight resistant forces, or narrow our awareness to avoid overwhelm, and much of the time the outcome we experience is a sense of surviving rather than full thriving. If you want to innovate and thrive naturally, then you need to be able to see possibility, and identify and connect with primary resources and energies on the move. You need to learn how to ‘think’ experientially and creatively use the power of collective consciousness. You need to cultivate your skill in actively manifesting your visions. This is visionary action!

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Visionary Skills 3

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